2024 (volume 7)
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Evaluation of Phytochemicals of N. sativa as Natural Antagonists of Salmonella typhi OmpF: Pharmacokinetic Analysis and Molecular Docking

Hassan Mehmood, Usama Ali, Imtiaz Bashir *, Maryam Sarwar, Asim Zia, Farhat Ijaz

ARTICLE (pdf)  DOI: 10.15190/drep.2024.1

Corresp. authors' affiliation: * Imtiaz Bashir, CMH Lahore Medical College and Institute of Dentistry, Lahore, Pakistan

Beyond Medication: A Systematic Review of the Role of Dance Therapy in Managing Parkinson's Disease

Muhammad Usama, Dr. Muhammad Ikrama *, Dr. Maryam Humayon, Shifa Israr

ARTICLE (pdf)  DOI: 10.15190/drep.2024.2

Corresp. authors' affiliation: * Dr. Muhammad Ikrama, Services Institute of Medical Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan